CG abducted demon fingering shackled

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Uploader Revenant,
Tags CG abducted demon fingering shackled
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- Reply
Throbby: I'm trembling with anticipation--did the demon shackle her leg up like that, or did she lift it for him?
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Hanky-Spanky: I you look past the demond's jaw, you can see the side of her shoe. Since both of his hands are occupied, she raised it of her own free will.
- Reply
Revenant: My thinking was that he moved it and she can't put it back without touching him, and he'd just get pissed if she tried.
- Reply
Hanky-Spanky: Or she can't lower it because his shoulder is in the way.
- Reply
Throbby: Maybe he secretes a paralytic poison...
- Reply
Hanky-Spanky: Why would he do that? Watching the girl squirm and shout helplessly, then thrash and reel in ecstasy is half the fun. All of it for us anyway.
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