Hellabunna Mina_Majikina Samurai_Shodown Tentacle monster rape

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Uploader Revenant,
Tags Hellabunna Mina_Majikina Samurai_Shodown Tentacle monster rape
Source Unknown
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- Reply
Throbby: That was *awesome.*

- Reply
SexySquid: This comic looks nice in color

- Reply
Shandrial_: Nice beginning, great journey, and a happy ending. I'm jealous.
- Reply
GrammarNazi: Excellent work, my good friend.
- Reply
TentacleHannah: Ah Just like how I lost my virginity xD
- Reply
TheWatcher-: Care to share that story? hannah? :D

- Reply
Biodeamon: yes, please tell us hannah
- Reply
TentacleHannah: Nah it was a dream But how I really lost my virginity is a lot more humiliating :P

- Reply
Biodeamon: aaaaw c'mon, i could use a good story.
- Reply
Raen: my virginity wasnt lost till a few years ago... all my partners before had been women, and i was always scared of using toys. but i've made up for that.
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