Lara_Croft artist_Marjorie_Greene defeated gwyllion naked ponytail rape vore

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Tags Lara_Croft artist_Marjorie_Greene defeated gwyllion naked ponytail rape vore
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inuman98: Not everything a Tomb Raider does is fame and glory. There's a lot of plain ol' bargaining as well. Those in the business will tell you, the very best way to obtain something found in a highly dangerous location, is to let somebody else get it (and take the risk) for a price, especially if those getting it for you are the only ones who know how to circumvent the dangers. But, as with any bargaining, there's the possibility that those you are doing business with will take offense at your offer.

That seems to be the case with Lara today, for the entire tribe grew so furious that they stripped her, carried her into the very caves she was hoping to avoid, and tossed her into a living pit of flesh. Then they stood by and watched, jeering-on the ancient creature as it quickly wrapped around her legs and started to draw her body down into itself. Miss Croft fully figured she was only there as food, and so was quite startled when the slippery organism around her drew her thighs apart and then began to slip it's hundreds of warm tendrils up over her hips in highly seductive ways...

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G-8: Interesting point of view. I've seen this picture before and I always thought Lara was going to pleasured rather than eaten.
Ultimately pleasured to death if she did't escape.
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Hanky-Spanky: Oh look, baby Sarlacc's first capture!
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