Gardevoir pokemon tentacles

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Uploader Cuddly Cthulhu,
Tags Gardevoir pokemon tentacles
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Randomness: Gardevoir :D

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Yoru: lol pokemon?
- Reply
IDCATBS: well she is the cutest pokemon to rape

- Reply
Yoru: I thought mew is the cutest pokemon to rape...maby cues it's too hard to catch?

- Reply
Cuddly Cthulhu: Gardevoir is the most humanoid of all the pokemon*, and is quite pretty. Combined with its type being "the Embrace pokemon", it's become very popular in hentai. Keep in mind though that, like Lopunny, Gardevoir of both genders have the same body shape.

*Unless you count Jynx. Nobody counts Jynx.
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The Condor: licki licky?

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Soiyu: A male jynx.... a cruel joke thought up by the twisted minds at nintendo....doomed to forever be raped by more manlier species their whole life.

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Soiyu: on the bright side, easy as hell to troll irl, just flirt with one and hope he's not at a higher lvl than you...
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