Tentacle parasite rape snail

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Tags Tentacle parasite rape snail
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octopus_gardener: I had to make an account just to go 0_0 at this. I will never look at parasite-infected snails the same way again. I wonder what the next stage of the life cycle of this one is...
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InvadersMustDie: ...is ur name a reference to the beatles?
- Reply
octopus_gardener: That song was the first thing that popped into mind when trying to think up an appropriate handle for here, screwily enough.
- Reply
InvadersMustDie: same with my name. its an album and title song from The Prodigy.
- Reply
kitsun91: wow. you too are funny.
- Reply
Egger: i just like eggs...in womens ovaries MUHAHAHAHA!
- Reply
inuman98: i just mended the term inhuman into in u man as in inhuman seed in u man
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fragged42: Actually, some species of snails and slugs mate in this fashion. Due to the fact that they ar herpahodites. source: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=j2tZLWIo9nY
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OrcAttack: How long has she been tied to the tree waiting for the snail to reach her?
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